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Confident Canine Care Resources

Thank you for being here!

Hey there,

Yenko and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for embarking on this journey of confident canine caregiving with me. Your dedication to your canine companions' well-being is truly commendable.

As a token of appreciation, I've curated some valuable resources to complement your newfound knowledge. Feel free to download and print the following tools:

  1. First Aid Checklist - A quick reference for handling emergencies.

  2. Road Trip Checklist - Ensure your adventures are safe and enjoyable.

  3. Natural Disaster Checklist - Be prepared for the unexpected.

  4. About My Pet Form - Capture essential details about your pet.

  5. Canine Vital Check - Keep track of your dog's health with this handy checklist.

  6. Pet First Aid Cheat Sheet - An at-a-glance guide for pet emergencies.

  7. Senior Dog Care Checklist - Offers essential tasks for ensuring the well-being of aging dogs.

  8. Skunk & Porcupine  - Additional resources for common dog emergencies not found in the book.

  9. Your Dog's Bloodwork - Cheatsheet to help you decode these complex results.

  10. Digital Copy of the Book - For those who have the print version, now you can carry a digital copy anywhere you go!

Your feedback is invaluable! If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or reviews about the guide or these resources, please share them with me. Your insights will help me enhance this ebook and create content that truly meets your needs.

Feel free to use the message form below or reach out to me at Let's continue on this journey of learning, growing, and giving our furry friends the best they deserve.

Thank you again for being a part of our community of confident caretakers. Wishing you and your dog a lifetime of joy, health, and tail-wagging adventures!

Warmest Woofs,

Nelly and Yenko

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