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Meet Nelly and Yenko & The Combine Dog

Nelly, owner of The Combine DOg posing at the Great Sand Dunes National Park with her dog, Yenko, a brown american staffordshire terrier and Heath, a white and brown heeler mix.
Owners of The Combine Dog, Nelly and Oscar, laying in bed with their dog, Yenko, a brown american staffordshire terrier.

As a dog owner, I understand how much our dogs mean to us. When I welcomed Yenko into my life, I quickly realized the importance of socializing and engaging him in activities to release his puppy energy. Playing together in the park brought us both joy. My love for dogs runs deep, and I want to give back to them however I can.

Through my content, Confident Canine Care book series, and the 'You Me and the Dogs' podcast, I'm on a mission to advocate for dogs and improve their quality of life. I want to make dogs' lives better, advocate for them, and create environments where they can thrive. Whether it's through testing and reviewing human-grade dog food or evaluating various car harnesses, my goal is to showcase the best available options for our beloved pets, ensuring they live happy, healthy lives.

Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the world of dog ownership together. Let's disrupt, question, and discover what works for our dogs. Together, we can navigate the complexities of dog ownership and provide the best possible care for our canine companions.

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