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At The Combine Dog, we are passionate about enhancing the well-being of your pets through expert consultations and high-quality content creation. Whether you're a dedicated pet parent seeking personalized advice or a pet brand looking for engaging content, we are here to help.


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Hey there, I'm Nelly, and I'm on a mission to create heartwarming content that inspires fellow dog lovers. Together with my loyal four-legged companion, Yenko, we pour our hearts into every step of the process - from idea conception to production and editing - to craft captivating content that celebrates the magic of the canine world.

Our goal is to spread joy and happiness to all dog enthusiasts out there.

Please note, I collaborate with brands I know, trust, and believe in on a paid basis. As I dedicate valuable time to producing high-quality content, I cannot work in exchange for free products.

Let's create something amazing together!

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