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Celebrate NATIONAL DOG MOMS DAY on May 14th!

We all know the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day, but did you know the second Saturday of May is National Dog Mom's Day?! It's a day to celebrate and honor all dog mommas who walk, feed, brush, play, and care for their fur kiddies. And if that's you, then we're celebrating YOU and your pups. Our dogs are real members of our family. Some came to us as puppies, others we took in because they had nowhere else to go, or maybe your dog was part of a package deal with your partner. However, they became part of the family, and the bonds we develop with our dogs are real and very strong. Dog moms know precisely what their pup wants with the smallest raising of an ear, tilt of the head, or tail wagging. They become intimately connected to our moods, and the loyalty between a dog and their human mom is unbreakable. National Dog Mom's Day acknowledges women's strong bonds with their four-legged babies. AND WAYS TO ENJOY #DOGMOMSDAY Moms love spoiling their kids, so as a Dog Mom, pick a fun treat to make at home for your dog. We found 15 Dog Treat Recipes that can be homemade, including doggie donuts, pupsicles, and dog cookies in lots of fun flavors. Find one that your dog will love and make it to show off on your socials with the hashtag #dogmomsday. If you'd rather leave the treat-making to us, send some delicious and healthy Combine Dog Treats to a Dog Mom you know will love giving to her bundle of fur! Our treats are homemade and with the most nutritious ingredients, so Dog Moms can rest knowing they're giving the best to their pups. FUN GIFTS FOR DOG MOMS Speaking of treats, what's the perfect accessory for a Dog Mom other than her dog? Dog Mom jewelry, of course! If you're shopping for a gift for a Dog Mom in your life, treat her to a beautiful new necklace or bracelet that will remind her of her fur kids even if she's away from home. Personalized Dog Necklace - We love this necklace you can personalize with your pet's face and name: Simple Paw Print Bracelet - How about this lovely bracelet from Alex and Ani that's perfect for everyday wear! Great Scarf, Great Cause - If you're looking for a Dog Mom Gift that's both beautiful and meaningful, we found this fun paw print scarf that comes in pretty colors, but the purchase of one scarf helps to feed 35 shelter animals. What an excellent way to bring a smile to a Dog Mom in your life! Stylish Dog Leash - Perhaps the Dog Mom you know is a fashionista and would enjoy a quality slip leash like this one from DogTrakx. I love these slip leads and use this one on my dog, Yenko. Our love for our Dog Moms doesn't have to be expressed with lavish gifts; they're fun, but perhaps going the sentimental route can be just as sweet, especially if you're looking for last-minute Dog Mom gifts. Snap a picture on your phone and have it printed at the drugstore to put into a simple frame. Paw Prints - Another sentimental dog gift idea is to present Mom with a paw-print keepsake or card. If your dog is comfortable having you handle his paws, use non-toxic, child-safe paint, like washable body paint or finger paints. Pour a little paint onto a plate, dip your dog's paw in the paint, then gently press onto thick paper, holding for a few seconds. Next, lift the paw straight up and have a wet washcloth on hand to wipe the paint off quickly before your dog leaves an unwelcome gift of paw prints all over the kitchen floor! Homemade Dough is an easier option for a paw print keepsake. Make your own dough by mixing a cup of flour with a cup of salt and adding water until you have enough to kneed and make into a ball. Cover the mold with some wax paper and press your dog's foot into it. You can then bake the pressing at about 200 Fahrenheit for two to three hours. Just be sure to check it regularly; otherwise, the pressing might crack. Let us know if you have any suggestions for a memorable Dog Moms Day! Happy Dog Mom's Day to all the dedicated Dog Moms; make sure to hug your fur babies extra close!


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