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How to Have a Safe, Fun & Yum Halloween with Your Dog

It’s the “Howl-loween” season, and if you’re a dog owner, that means it’s time to pick out a fun costume for your pup. Will you go with a cute vibe and slip on a tutu and some fairy wings, or perhaps a floppy taco or everyone’s favorite, a “Chewbarka” costume?

It’s every dog parent’s chance to have some kooky fun with their furry friends, but unlike with children, we can’t indulge our dogs with a bag loaded with once-a-year candy treats. In fact, dogs are often victims of a child “sharing” some of their Halloween candy, and pets end up with troubling gastrointestinal issues that can last days or even be deadly. On Halloween night and even the days after Halloween, veterinarians’ phones ring off the hook with frightened dog owners concerned that Cooper or Bailey, who love to eat everything and anything, got into their kid’s Halloween candy. Remember that chocolate in any form, especially dark chocolate, can be very dangerous for dogs. Also, candies that contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol can also cause problems if ingested by your pets, not to mention the danger of candy wrappers. A trip to the vet is not the kind of scary Halloween we want for our pets!

3 Tips for Adding Some Fun to Your Dog’s Halloween

The good news is that creating a special day for your furry friends is easy with our tips for a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween with your dog.

  • Get ‘em Dressed & Snap a Selfie! - Make sure any costumes you buy for your dog keep their legs and eyes clear for them to be able to see and walk comfortably. An uncomfortable dog will quickly tell you if they don’t like its get-up, so look for costumes that keep the main part of the costume on its back or sides. If they won’t keep the costume on, then focus instead on just capturing the moment in a picture, even if just for the 30 seconds it takes to snap that selfie. The important thing to consider is that a comfy dog is a happy dog, and you’ll still have proof on your phone that your dog was a cute Cowdog!

  • Say Yes to an extra long Spooky Walk - Don’t have kids to take Trick or Treating, but you do have your furbaby? Join the neighborhood as they trek about in costumes. Try a new block (psst, the one with the house that gives out the full-size candy bars!) and take your costumed canine for some fun exploring. Even if you have to drive over to a dog park on the other side of town, any new area will be an exciting night out. Just make sure your dog is well trained around children, and that costumes will not be a problem for them if you are walking where there are families. Giving your dog new smells in an area they’ve never explored before will be a great treat for them.

  • Surprise Your Dog with a Yum & Engaging Halloween Treat! - Just in time for the Halloween season, The Combine Dog Co. is offering a special interactive treat, The Dirt Cup! The Dirt Cup comes in an apothecary-style glass container filled with beef chips that look like dirt but actually hidden in the “dirt” are mystery single-ingredient treats. Each Dirt Cup contains different mystery treats; some have quail eggs or organ meat, and others may have a mix of sea creature pieces. The good news is that all of the mystery treats are safe to eat, nutritious, and fun to hunt for within the beef chips.

Simply pour out the contents of the Dirt Cup jar into your dog’s bowl, then get your camera ready again to capture as they eagerly hunt around the mix discovering new smells and good-for-them treats. Set your dog’s Halloween digging to a background tune of the Monster Mash and dance along for a fun Halloween experience for both you and your pets.

Don’t waste your money on synthetic or fake-colored overpriced Halloween dog treats; The Combine Dog Co. Dirt Cup is a nutritious treat that’s not only delicious but that will keep dogs and their owners entertained for a ghoulishly good time.

This Halloween, you can indulge your dog with a spooktacular and fun time that will be memorable for both them and you. So strap on that hot dog costume to your pal, snap some selfies and then head out for some trick-or-treat stroll, and then end your Halloween night with a dig around The Combine Dog Co. Dirt Cup Halloween Treat. Hurry to order your Halloween Dirt Cups to get them in time for your Spooktacular Night.

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