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Rigo's Meal Review

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Rigos Meal is a brand of pet food based in South Florida. DogChef Mayi, the loving owner of Rigo, a French bulldog, created it. Rigo, who is also the face of the brand, has experienced various health issues. To address Rigo's problems, like lack of appetite, skin allergies, and excessive shedding, Mayi discovered the benefits of raw pet food. Inspired by the positive changes she saw in Rigo's health and well-being, she decided to share her expertise and passion with other dog owners, to help all dogs achieve optimal health and happiness by providing them with nutritious and wholesome meals. Rigos Meal is a testament to Mayi's commitment to improving dogs' lives and ensuring they receive the best nutrition.

This review will primarily focus on the beef products from Rigos Meal.


Grade A Beef, meaty bones, organs, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, kale, collards, and apple.

Nutritional profile:

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

Protein: 15.20%

Crude Fat: 5.44%

Crude Fiber: 0.6%

Moisture: 72% Max

1,560 Kcal/kg 0.15 Pounds each

Is it Complete and Balanced? While I don't think Rigo's Meals are completely balanced, they are a great foundation for creating a balanced meal. With the correct ratio of meat, bones, and organs, Rigo's can balance calcium and phosphorus properly. Unfortunately, based on the available ingredients and analysis, I can't say for sure. However, adding a fish rich in omega 3s would be a good idea.

I enjoy companies that allow a small amount of supplementation that you, the dog owner, who knows your dog best, can control. As a dog owner who knows my pet best, I can control the amount of supplementation. It also enables me to incorporate more single-ingredient treats into my dog's diet, which helps with training, rewarding good behavior, and enrichment. Although I aim for balanced meals, not every meal needs to be perfect, and this option provides flexibility.

Weight and packaging of the product: The meals are packaged in four 8-ounce portions, sealed in vacuum bags to preserve freshness and prevent freezer burn. While I appreciated the convenience of using up all the contents, I had some difficulty with the bags I could only use up partially.

Visuals of the meat: The meat appears to be of excellent quality. The packaging lists all of the ingredients, which are easily recognizable when looking at them. No oxidation.

Taste: Yenko enjoyed a variety of meals, including Rigo's Beef, Chicken, Turkey (both poultry were mixed with beef), as well as Lamb and Turkey, which he particularly liked.

For Oscar and I, the meat quality was good; based on their website, they use grade A beef which is young beef under 30 months old and has very few marbling streaks. It is still considered high-quality meat, but its lower percentage of marbling may give it a little less flavor (evident on the taste test). It is lean meat, which is apparent in that guaranteed analysis, I wish it would have a bit more fat, but again, I like that this meal is a base to build on, so if you want to add duck or lamb to get more energy, you can. You clearly see the bones once cooked, and the beef is nicely mixed with the organs used. I do wish Rigo's Meals would mention all the organs used.

Poop: No issues, only color distinctions because of the protein.

Price: $19.59 for a two-pound package

Delivery: Delivery within South Florida is available for a fee based on the order's total. Additionally, they offer UPS delivery to select locations for a flat rate of $20.

Other things to Note:

I love reading about DogChef Mayi and her dog Rigo. Their approach to feeding dogs with whole foods that meet their nutritional needs is similar to mine.


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