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A Journey From Nurse to Holistic Animal Wellness with Karen Thomas

When Karen Thomas traded her nurse's scrubs for the path of holistic animal wellness, magic happened. Her tale of transformation echoes the unbreakable bond we share with our animal companions, and it's a story you'll find both enlightening and emotionally stirring. Joined by Karen, our latest episode of 'You, Me and the Dogs' traverses her inspiring journey from healthcare to healing touch for pets, highlighting the Sanctuary birthed from the memory of her beloved German Shepherd, Peyton Rose. Hear the heartfelt narratives of animals who, much like us, seek solace and healing, reminding us of holistic practices' profound impact on the creatures that give our lives so much joy.

The heart of our conversation lies not just in the stories of four-legged friends but in the lessons they teach us about intuition and the often-overlooked language of compassion. Karen's experiences with loss and caregiving during her mother's final days have unveiled an intimate connection to the world of animal rescue. In honoring her mother's wish, Peyton's Promise came to life, a haven for animals like Bubba, their first rescue, whose story of resilience will touch your heart. In these moments, Karen reflects on how intuition—much like a muscle—grows stronger with use. It's a journey through grief and growth and how these elements interweave through the art of animal communication and the practice of Reiki.

Embracing our canine friends means understanding their world, a silent realm filled with love, trust, and, sometimes, heartbreak. This episode isn't just about the tales we mend but also about the stories we tell, from the poignant rescues of senior dogs who find dignity and love in their final years to the critical discussions on dog care and nutrition that shape our decisions as pet owners. We tackle complex topics, like the 3-3-3 rule for new adoptions and the emotional toll of witnessing animal abuse, but always with an eye on the healing and hope that community support and proper nutrition can bring to the lives of our canine family members. Join us for an episode that's a testament to the enduring spirit of dogs and those who love them.

Learn more about Karen and Payton's Promise Animal Sanctuary here.

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Time Stamps

(00:00) Pet Sanctuary Inspired by Special Dog

(07:40) Healing Through Animal Communication and Intuition

(19:11) Understanding Animal Communication and Compassion

(29:11) Senior Dog Hospice Rescue Stories

(36:02) Dog Care and Nutrition


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