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The Transformative Power of Natural Dog Nutrition with Cam Mathias from Huntaway Wild

If you're a dog owner, you've likely pondered what goes into your dog's bowl. It's not just about filling their tummies; it's about ensuring their longevity, vitality, and happiness. That's the ethos behind Cam's journey from the meat industry to launching a raw, frozen raw dog food brand that champions natural, sustainable nutrition. This latest podcast episode, featuring Cam Matthias, the CEO of Huntaway Wild, delves into the intricacies of canine diets and the heartwarming tale of how a dog named Darcy inspired a movement towards ethical and holistic pet food.

Cam and I kick off the episode by reminiscing about the initial intrigue and satisfaction from observing our dogs relish their meals. Cam's transition to pet nutrition was fueled by a profound understanding of the meat industry and a commitment to high-quality sourcing. He narrates the inception of his brand and the pivotal role Darcy played in perfecting the recipes that many dogs, including my Yenko, devour with gusto.

As the conversation progresses, we voyage to the scenic landscapes of Otago in New Zealand, where the wild venison, a key ingredient in Huntaway, is responsibly harvested. This segment not only explores the ethical procurement of meat but also touches on the broader narrative of wildlife conservation and the respect for nature woven into every cube of Cam's dog food.

One of the most enlightening sections of the podcast is when we delve into the complexities of recipe iteration and the meticulous attention to pets' unique dietary needs. Cam shares the trials and triumphs of adapting ingredients based on customer feedback and the importance of scaling production without compromising quality. He also sheds light on the fascinating world of pet food production, from addressing common misconceptions about certain ingredients to the logistics of moving operations to ensure better control and quality.

A heartening aspect of the episode is our focus on Darcy and the decade of thriving on a carefully curated diet. This personal touch underscores the importance of a balanced diet in a pet's overall health and the innovative packaging and portion control solutions that prioritize environmental consciousness.

Later in the episode, we tackle the complexities of deer population control and its relation to hunting practices, diving into the multifaceted issue of wildlife conservation. The discussion candidly addresses the unintended ecological consequences of human intervention and the vital role that sustainable practices play in the pet food industry.

The final chapters bring us to the forefront of sustainable protein sourcing, where Cam explains the challenges and rewards of incorporating wild goat meat and the nutritional benefits of other unconventional proteins like rabbits and hares. The podcast also reveals how New Zealand's mussel industry contributes to sustainable practices. Cam shares his plans for eco-friendly packaging and efforts to minimize waste across the supply chain.

This episode is a treasure trove of anecdotes, laughs (including our pet food taste-testing adventures), and profound insights into the future of pet nutrition and our planet. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or just curious about the tail-wagging truth behind sustainable canine cuisine, this conversation is as nourishing for the mind as the food is for our four-legged companions.

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Chapter Timestamps

(00:00) Exploring the World of Dog Ownership

(13:03) Source to Table

(21:06) Recipe Iteration and Production Expansion

(36:50) Developing Dog Products With Natural Ingredients

(49:24) Deer Population Control and Sustainability

(55:32) Sustainable Protein Sourcing and Packaging


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