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Unleashing the Journey: Relocating Internationally with a Rescue Dog

Embarking on an international move is challenging enough; now, picture adding a beloved rescue dog to the equation. In our latest podcast episode, Amandine takes us through the highs and lows of relocating from Miami, FL, to Normandy, France, with her loyal companion, Tuna.

Amandine's story is a testament to the lengths we'll go to ensure our pets' safety and well-being. It's not just about the physical journey; it's a profoundly emotional bond between humans and animals, reaffirming that our pets are truly part of the family.

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of moving abroad with a pet. Amandine shares her challenges in preparing Tuna for the journey, from crate training to navigating the complex paperwork required for international travel. Her insights offer valuable lessons for pet owners considering similar ventures.

Beyond the logistical hurdles, Amandine illuminates the cultural differences in attitudes toward pet ownership between the U.S. and France. We learn about France's progressive approach to animal welfare and holistic pet health practices, highlighting the importance of cross-cultural understanding in the global pet community.

As we follow Amandine and Tuna's journey, we're reminded of the profound joy and connection our dogs bring into our lives. The episode concludes with a heartwarming call to cherish every moment with our companions, emphasizing the importance of being present and embracing our bond.

Explore Amandine's firsthand experiences and gain insights into the realities of international pet travel. From airport anxieties to broader discussions on dog ownership, her candid reflections offer invaluable perspectives for pet lovers everywhere.

Tune in to "Unleashing Challenges The International Dog Move | Moving With Dog Abroad" and follow @tunathebrindle on Instagram for a closer look at Tuna's adventures. Embrace the journey, prepare for the unexpected, and savor every precious moment with your four-legged companions.


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